Maximize Your Space

8 Tips to Maximize Your Apartment Size

1. When you choose your furniture, make sure to pick big ones. If you fill your small space with small furniture, it will result in the smallest space ever! You have to try to select a big piece of furniture that suits your space, and then you can pick a pair of small accessories. 

2. Select intelligent furniture. This is furniture with a double function, for example, an accent table with storage space or ottomans with storage space. You may use mirrors to complete the decoration of your apartment. Mirrors will always be a great help when trying to give a room a sense of amplitude.

3. Eliminate clutter. Purge unnecessary items. The fewer belongings you have, the larger your apartment will look. 

4. Keep furniture against the wall. Arranging furniture against the wall will keep it from becoming a roadblock and leaves more room for activities!

5. Buy furniture with an exposed leg. Because exposed legs allow light to pass under your furniture, it prevents the room from feeling tight or cluttered.

6. let natural light in. We've all got LARGE windows that will allow great light in. If you're concerned with privacy, opt for lightweight or sheer curtains that still let light in. Plus, Vitamin D is great for your mood!   :)

7. Utilize long curtains. You can elongate your apartment with floor to ceiling curtains, shelving and decor, making it feel bigger.

8. Use a neutral palette. Keep designs light and airy; it will keep your space from looking cramped.

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Oct 5